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About Us

Wymsical provides fraud prevention for any document issued, including intellectual property. All of your documents are kept secure & private using encryption in transfer and at rest. Just like a bank vault; two keys are required to unlock your Wymsical Vault. With 7-layer, bank-grade security, confidential documents will never be lost, stolen or tampered with.


Wymsical provides an unparalleled security and storage platform that verifies many elements of digital documents to eliminate the risk of forgery, fraud or theft. Digital documents stored in the Wymsical Vault are individually encrypted for maximum security and can only be viewed by those with proper authorization.


Wymsical brings businesses & consumers together, one document at a time. Wymsical provides the ability to authenticate all of your business documents. Universities can now authenticate diplomas and college transcripts via our verifier process, and in turn deliver these documents to all graduates via our Wymsical Vault. No more phone calls for lost diplomas or potential employers trying to verify these vital credentials. Graduates will have all of their critical information accessible at all times via their mobile device.

Simple Integrated

The Wymsical enterprise portal provides fast and easy entry of user information. Just scan, upload & submit. Your document is now ready for secure passage to its recipient. Safely locking documents in the Wymsical Vault reduces liability for