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    Founded in 1984 to develop an automated system to increase the mobility of bedridden persons, the company introduced the Vivax Mobility System. The VMS (Vivax Mobility System) allowed a patient to be transferred from bed to a wheel chair with the push of a button. This increased mobility would enable patients to stay at home with reduced dependence on a caregiver. Vivax has consequently developed institutional models to meet varying needs of those institutions and licensed that technology to another company.

    In 1997, Vivax recognized the increasing importance of a patient’s right to be free of restrictive restraints, yet understood the need to provide patient safety. Vivax introduced the Soma® Safe Enclosure as a far less restrictive means of providing for patients welfare. The Soma® Safe Enclosure provides a safe, humane and cost-effective alternative to active restraints and constant observation when caring for at risk patients.