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About Us

TicketNetwork is the world's largest secondary market ticket exchange. Founded in 2002 in Vernon CT, TicketNetowrk has more than 1,000 customers spread out throughout the world. TicketNetwork's flagship website TicketLiquidator.com is the world's second most visited secondary ticket market web site according to Comscores July 2006 survey rating.
With TicketNetwork a business can:
- Link a customized website to the TicketNetworkr Online Exchange. Enjoy flexible ticket filtering that lets you include/exclude particular ticket inventory, and customize pricing on the fly.
- Experience streamlined integration with TicketNetworkr Point-of-Sale (POS) platform. As web sales flow into the TicketNetworkr POS for processing, inventory is reduced, customer files are updated, and transactions are processed immediately.
- Easily manage pay-per-click advertising, coupon distribution, shopping cart customization, and website features.