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OC4, Inc.



About Us

OC4 was founded in 2009 with the vision that the status quo of the Corporate Data Center needed to change. Managed Service Providers were clearly in a race to the bottom, and customers were growing increasingly tired of having to pay to subsidize the hardware refreshes necessary to run applications. Cloud adaptation would drive significant change in the consumption of compute resources, and would result in a major reworking of the Managed Services landscape. Early in our evolution, we attempted to be Cloud agnostic, but as the market continued to evolve, it became obvious that AWS was the clear leader. Identifying this OC4 pivoted in 2011 to focus solely on AWS.
Our core business lies in helping customers find success and security on AWS. From project conception to build and run, and from a lift and shift to a complete redesign, OC4 offers the real-world experience to drive Cloud adoption.