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40 Under Cliff Road
Trumbull, CT 06611
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    Next Level Growth LLC offers multi-functional experience in emerging software, internet and technology-based ventures -- with broad-based skills in sales, client services, product management, marketing, offshoring, finance/administration, corporate development and investor relations. Next Level's focus is on helping early-stage or underachieving companies get to their required 'next level' -- teaming with the founders and backers on a virtual-COO basis to assess current business needs/challenges... and then working hands-on to tactically deliver near-term results, while at the same time strategically building the infrastructure, processes and teams needed to support longer-term growth and scalability. Next Level has consistently provided positive bottom-line results in such situations. Next Level's belief is that there is an increasing number of ventures in the local market with solid concepts and products, who need access to senior talent in many areas in order to move forward... yet at their current stage may have difficulty affording such resources full-time. Therefore, Next Level's ability to wear multiple hats and contribute across several functions -- combined with flexibility on contract- vs. full-time and a willingness to defer a portion of compensation against performance milestone achievement -- offers a unique value proposition for such companies.