Logicbroker, Inc.



About Us

Since 1998, Logicbroker has been solving problems faced by its clients from Fortune 500 companies to community based businesses using technology. Our model is focused on working with you to enhance your business, optimize processes and provide the necessary post-launch training to enable you to achieve even greater success. Together we develop a plan and together we hold each other accountable to hit our milestones. Our mission is to ensure that your investment with us will always yield a positive return. Our vision is to ensure that your investment with us will always yield a positive return.
eCommerce Expertise
Logic Technology resources have 10-20 years of experience each building and deploying supply chain management tools in the eCommerce domain. Our experience spans the full suite of web stores, back-end ERP systems, intranet, and business intelligence/data warehousing.
Product Expertise
Logic Technology products allow you to easily integrate all steps in your eCommerce supply chain, including Electronic Catalog Management and Processing, Flexible Costing and Pricing Algorithms, EDI Document Exchange and Order Fulfillment. And our products are much less expensive than our competitors.
Project Expertise
All products require a consultant to implement, customize and integrate. Logic Technology's abilities cover the full cycle for integrating new vendors or new B2B customers from analysis to deployment. Our many years of experience implementing projects in eCommerce will save you time, money and headaches over the project life-cycle