IQ Telecom

IQ Telecom

About Us

We’re different, by design.
We’ve built processes, designed our solution set and created services based precisely on organizations’ needs for successful telecommunications management. We’ve augmented traditional TEM services by layering on expert, analytical advisory, added high-touch, world-class support services and wrapped it all in an intuitive, relational, web-based system for true full service, life-cycle telecommunications management.

That’s IQ Telecom – intelligent, 360-degree management and visibility.

IQ Telecom (IQT) helps clients become more successful by controlling costs, providing visibility and helping them maintain control of telecommunications investments – during periods of stability or change. We provide expert, 360° visibility and management of telecommunications assets before, during and after minor projects and major, enterprise-wide transformations.

IQT’s years of experience, leading technology and industry insight has made us a long-term, trusted partner to some of the largest companies in the US. We have been intelligently managing telecommunications for over 15 years.