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Green Check Verified

Green Check Verified

About Us

We have built a system for cannabis businesses to verify that every dollar they receive complies with every law, rule and regulation imposed by government bodies and financial institutions.

By doing so, these businesses acquire the documentation needed to legally deposit those funds into banks and credit unions rather than working exclusively with cash, which creates accumulated risks and operational challenges.

Banks and credit unions have been reluctant to work with cannabis businesses because of the risk involved. We solve that problem, allowing them to address this enormous new market. Our platform is designed to work within the banking system, not around it!

Two major challenges we solve: knowing all of the regulations, which vary from state to state, and creating the necessary reports to demonstrate compliance with those regulations. We’ve built a cloud-based database that knows all the regulations, and enterprise software that automates reporting.

We’re able to correlate every single dollar to specific transactions with specific customers without comprising the identity of those customers. We can verify that the business is legitimate, its customers are legitimate, its inventory is legitimate, and its bank deposits are legitimate.

We expect that our solution will become the standard for businesses, financial institutions and government agencies as the industry matures.


The team and our advisory board