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About Us

ePath Learning is a leading learning management technology service provider located in New London, CT. Our technology enables organizations to easily deliver engaging training opportunities to their employees, partners, and customers worldwide. Our comprehensive suite of learning services includes our award-winning learning management technology, off-the-shelf content, and custom course design and development services, all backed by our exceptional client support and engineering teams. While our services have broad industry appeal, our primary focus is on regulated industries, specifically life sciences organizations which require validated environments. Second to regulated industries, we target non-regulated medical markets and franchises. ePath Learning ASAP™ is our award-winning, flagship LMS. Widely available on the market today, ASAP is a robust, time-tested, and feature rich LMS that appeals to a wide variety of industries. Our newest LMS platform, ePath Learning nGage™ is a validated LMS designed and developed primarily for regulated companies in the life sciences industry. nGage is also available in a non-validated version for those clients seeking a simple, cloud-based LMS solution.