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Capitol Region Education Council



About Us

Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) is a Regional Educational Service Center (RESC). A RESC is a public education authority established by local boards of education for the purpose of ''cooperative action to furnish programs and services.'' CREC is supported by the education community when it can meet recognized needs with higher quality and/or lower cost programs and services than local school districts can working in isolation. In 1966, CREC began as a grassroots organization of local school districts working together to solve common problems. Today, CREC administers 124 programs and service for the districts of the Capitol Region. The Division of Technology Services is the technology foundation for CREC and it's magnet schools in the region, responsible for designing, building and maintaining a high speed network of over 6,000 computers and peripherals. In addition, CREC offers a wide range of services from computer and sftware sales to wireless network design.