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About Us

Payveris’ couples the world’s best technology with the most talented, hardest working, and customer-centric team on earth to deliver innovative, high quality, and efficient digital payment and money movement solutions to financial institutions, their partners, and their customers. Our intelligent, cloud-based open-API MoveMoneySM Platform empowers financial institutions to simplify, control, and extend their consumer and business digital payment, disbursement, and money movement capabilities - faster and more efficiently than anyone else in the industry.

Payveris is changing the way financial institutions deliver digital payments and money movement to their consumer and business customers. Our team brings a wealth of experience from the payment, financial technology and banking industries to the mission of improving the overall digital payment and money movement experience for consumers, businesses, and financial institution employees.

Our obsessive client-focus and passion for quality, coupled with a deep background and knowledge of technology, banking, and payments compels us to re-imagine a better, more efficient way to do business. We provide payment technology that simplifies, rather than complicates. We focus on continuous improvement. And we are fanatical about delivering the best experience possible to our financial institution clients and their partners, customers and members.