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Connecticut Women's Education & Legal Fund



About Us

CWEALF is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women, girls and their families to achieve equal opportunities in their personal and professional lives. We educate individuals through direct contact to navigate the legal and social service systems effectively by: explaining the law in easy to understand terms developing and disseminating booklets on specific legal rights making referrals to attorneys and other service providers We provide training, technical assistance and resources to employers, schools, and community organizations by: educating individuals and organizations about legal rights and responsibilities increasing awareness of gender inequities offering practical applications and solutions We work to improve laws and policies that affect women, girls and their families by: identifying critical issues through research and client contact focusing public attention on those issues recommending, advocating and implementing reforms We are guided by our commitment to feminism, diversity, empowerment, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency, compassion and respect, collaboration, professionalism and self-assessment in all of our actions and programs.