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About Us

Connecticut United for Research Excellence, Inc. (CURE) is a not-for-profit statewide coalition dedicated to promoting public understanding of the benefits and methods of biomedical research. Founded in 1990, CUREs more than 100 members include Connecticuts leading research and educational institutions, health-related corporations and professional societies, hospitals and health care systems, supporting businesses and organizations and voluntary health organizations. Additional support comes from government agencies, private foundations, groups, and individuals. CURE's goals are to: 1) provide information to community and government leaders, journalists, teachers, students, and the general public about biomedical research; 2) nurture a positive environment in which scientific endeavors to improve human and animal health will flourish, and 3) facilitate interaction and collaborative relationships among other member organizations. CURE achieves these goals by building relationships with journalists, opinion leaders, local and state officials; strengthening communication between and among member organizations; facilitating collaborative relationships between scientists and teachers; conducting workshops for members and science teachers; and publishing and distributing student materials to schools and classrooms. Additionally, CURE facilitates interaction and collaborative relationships with various state and national organizations. Through financial resources, in-kind contributions, and diverse professional expertise, members and supporters have assisted in the production and distribution of an economic report about biomedical research in Connecticut; the production and national distribution of BioRAP (CUREs innovative science and health curriculum supplement); sponsored workshops, conferences, and informational mailings; hosted meetings and programs; and lead the effort in coordinating a Connecticut-wide speakers bureau. From CURE and its web site (, you can receive information, printed materials, and videotapes that will answer your questions about the benefits and methods of biomedical research in Connecticut. Specific topical information is available on biotechnology, careers in the life sciences, the care and use of laboratory animals, the economic benefits of biomedical research, research funding both state and federal, scientific education, and the use, storage and disposal of low-level radioactive materials.