Metrum Research Group LLC



About Us

Metrum Research Group (MetrumRG) is a leading provider of biomedical modeling and simulation services, in the U.S.A. and internationally. Founded in 2004, MetrumRG has worked with over 75 clients on more than 200 projects and more than 30 regulatory filings. Our experience spans R&D efforts for small molecule pharmaceuticals, biologic therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical device/drug-device combinations, across multiple therapeutic areas. The collective experience of scientists at MetrumRG spans decades of applied modeling and simulation in industrial, academic and regulatory settings. MetrumRG provides contract research focused on enhancing knowledge building in biomedical research and development through quantitative modeling and simulation. MetrumRG services include strategic modeling and simulation for R&D decision support, in silico optimization of clinical trial designs, model-based data analysis, and regulatory report preparation as well as general consulting in the areas of biostatistics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, clinical trial design, and modeling and simulation systems/software qualification. MetrumRG is committed to the growth of the science of modeling and simulation within collaborating institutions and full transfer of knowledge to our clients. Technical areas of expertise include Bayesian modeling and simulation for decision support and trial design evaluation, population PK and PK-PD analyses, disease progression modeling, model-based meta-analysis of therapeutic area data, optimal study design for PK-PD, p